The GLOBE Group finds its origin in 1986 and designs, produces, sells and revises air motors, high pressure pumps, test systems, gasboosters and air amplifiers. More info »

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20 March 2015Air motors

luchtmotoren - Air motors

20 March 2015Brakes

PV 20140827 199 e1443688878801 - Brakes

20 March 2015Stainless steel

banner roestvaststaal toebehoren - Stainless steel

hogedruk testp - High pressure test pumps

PV 20140827 232 e1444914293417 - High pressure test systems

19 March 2015Gas boosters

GLGASMK30 40 - Gas boosters

Pump drives

Air motors are widely used as pump drives. Air motors can drive all types of pumps.


  • Reliable drive with a high life-time
  • Easy adjustable torque and speed
  • Suitable in places where electricity is not available
  • Suitable in dirty, damp en explosion hazardous environments
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stands for quality

rqa-certificaat     Ex

Besides service and short delivery times, GLOBE finds overall quality very important. GLOBE has a ISO 9001 certification. Air motors and other pneumatic propulsion devices are often used in explosion risk environments such as mines. To ensure that GLOBE products are allowed to be used at these hazardous environments, GLOBE obtained ATEX certificates for all their air motors and gearboxes. Delivery is possible with ATEX II cat. 2 G&D T5 and ATEX I M2 (Mining).