GLOBE has a wide program with air motors from 0,1 to 23 kW. The air motors can be supplied in combination with a gearbox for higher torques and lower speeds of rotation. Custom build air motors are possible due to an own design and production department. All standard motors are available from stock.

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20 March 2015Vane air motors

vaan luchtmotoren - Vane air motors

compact vaan - Compact vane air motors

20 March 2015Piston air motors

zuigermotoren2 - Piston air motors

compact zuigermotoren - Compact piston air motors

20 March 2015Geared air motors

motor reductor - Geared air motors

PV 20140915 10 luchtmotor voor lier e1443523529513 - Air Motor unit for Winches

20 March 2015Stainless steel motors

specials2 - Stainless steel motors

20 March 2015Stepper Motor

stappen motor - Stepper Motor

Which motor is suitable?

Air motors are mostly applied on pump drives. All possible pumptypes can be driven with an air motor.

What type of motor do you need?

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Globe has a wide program of standard motors.
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