The series comprises three stepper motors BPS building sizes: the BPS 1620 , the BPS 1623 and BPS 2532. All versions work with three cylinders that are driven by the associated valves; these can be controlled with a PLC for example.

Because of the construction, the stepper motors are reversible and are making steps of 3° per piston actuation. Naturally, smaller steps can be achieved in combination with a gear reducer.

ModelStep angle (°)Max. torque (Nm)Max. speed free running (rpm)Speed at 2/3 of max. torque (rpm)Max. intertia moment (kgm^2)Weight (gr)Download 2D - 3DDownload catalogue
Wiring Diagram       DOWNLOAD
1620-IP (ATEX)33,32470,0042650DOWNLOAD
1623-IP (ATEX)34,22470,0042670
2532-IP (ATEX)3102060,012400DOWNLOAD

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  • no loss of steps in case of energie failure – the motors are self-braking
  • compact motor-valve combination
  • customer-specific applications are possible
  • low noise when running
  • maintenance-free
  • ATEX version available
  • TESLA version available for MRI – scanners

Control of the motor

The control of the motors can be executed as simple and as advanced  as the user wishes. You can choose a direct drive through a matrix control valve or through three 3 / 2 way valves. If feedback is needed all types are optional executable with a sensor to measure the final position of the plunger reported to the controller.

GLOBE has a wide program with air motors from 0,1 to 23 kW. The air motors can be supplied in combination with a gearbox for higher torques and lower speeds of rotation. Custom build air motors are possible due to an own design and production department. All standard motors are available from stock.

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