Gas boosters

The GLOBE gas boosters are oil-less with air pressures up to 1500 bar. They are available in single acting, double acting and two stage executions. The suitable gasses for the GLOBE gas boosters are air, nitrogen, noble gasses, oxygen, hydrogen, natural gas and various gas mixtures.

The GLOBE air driven gas boosters are manufactured for pressurising gasses up to 1725 bar. Examples of gasses that can be pressurised are nitrogen, compressed air, natural gas, Co2, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, neon, LPG and helium.

The gas boosters are non lubricated with a positive separation between the propulsion side and the side where the gas is being compressed. This separation makes it impossible for the gasses to mix.

GLOBE delivers a wide range of gas boosters up to high capacities at a very low cycling speed. The GLOBE “high capacity “ booster has a long lifetime. Using the latest technologies on sealing makes this possible.

GLOBE gas boosters are available in 3 executions:
– Single acting;
– Double acting;
– Two stage;

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