High pressure test pumps

GLOBE has a wide program of air driven test pumps up to 4500 bar fluid pressure. The MADAN test pumps are all made of stainless steel and have a maximum pressure of 2410 bar. The SC test pumps are made of aluminium-bronze or stainless steel with a maximum pressure of 4500 bar. Test pumps are available from stock.

19 March 2015Madan MK7

19 March 2015SC 10 pumps

19 March 2015Madan Unicub

19 March 2015SC L3 mini pumps

6 November 2015SC L6 pumps

Which test pump is suitable?

These high pressure test pumps are used for static and burst pressure tests of hoses, valves, pipe work, high pressure tubing, fire extinguishers, high pressure gas storage bottles, pressure vessels, hydraulic systems, airplane components and wellhead operation.

What type of motor do you need?

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