If you are looking for piston air motors of high quality, stop looking. GLOBE offers piston air motors, alongside other types of air motors. GLOBE piston air motors are used in heavy duty environments where higher powers are required. Typical applications are winches, hoists, pump drives, offshore and mining applications. These motors are available with pneumatic brake and proportional valve for accurate speed regulation.

Piston motors by GLOBE

GLOBE keeps the production within its own organization, making it is possible for customers to come up with unique specifications. Therefore, Custom build piston air motors are possible due to our own design and production department.

Advantages of the GLOBE piston air motors include:

  • High positive starting torque
  • Simple adjustable torque and output speed
  • Can be stalled under load without harm
  • Instantly reversible
  • Reliable drive due the rugged design
  • Certified according ATEX II cat.2 G&D T5

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Please contact us for further questions about our piston motors or other remarks. Send an e-mail to info@globe-benelux.nl, or give us a call at +31 (0)172 - 42 66 08



  • Reliable drive with a high life-time
  • Easy adjustable torque and speed
  • Suitable in places where electricity is not available
  • Suitable in dirty, damp en explosion hazardous environments


Piston air motors



rqa-certificaat Ex

Besides service and short delivery times, GLOBE finds overall quality very important. GLOBE has a ISO 9001 certification. Air motors and other pneumatic propulsion devices are often used in explosion risk environments such as mines. To ensure that GLOBE products are allowed to be used at these hazardous environments, GLOBE obtained ATEX certificates for all their air motors and gearboxes. Delivery is possible with ATEX II cat. 2 G&D T5 and ATEX I M2 (Mining).